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It can be very daunting. You’ve never used a gay dating website before. What will they be like? What will I need to do? Will I really be able to find the man of my dreams? Read on, as Jason describes the most common features of gay chat and dating sites and lets you know what you need to look out for.

There are literally hundreds of gay dating sites on the internet. Many of these can charge a hefty monthly fee, but I would recommend that if you’re new to this world, then you should dip your toe in by using a free gay chat or dating site. Simply type “free gay chat” into google and you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Once you’ve chosen which site to try, you’ll inevitably need to choose a username and password. Try to find a username that you’ll feel comfortable within a few year’s time. Many guys make the mistake of adding their age or year of birth into their username, but do you really want to be Jamie21 when you’re 26? After all, these sites can be very addictive and you’re more than likely to find friends as well as possible partners.

Once you’ve chosen a suitable username, you’ll then need to create an online profile. This is basically a description of yourself and can include everything from your age and physical description to your likes and dislikes and sexual preferences. The trick to filling in these profiles is to be as honest as possible. After all, the idea is that you’ll eventually meet the man of your dreams. So, what’s the point of pretending you’re a 6-foot muscle man when you’re barely 5 feet and haven’t seen the inside of a gym in years?

I would also recommend adding a well-focused photograph, showing your face clearly. You’ll find it quite common for many people to simply refuse to reply to your messages if you don’t have at least one clear photo of yourself. Again, use a real photo. And if you suspect that a person is using a fake photograph on their profile, then ask them to send you another photo taken in a different location.

If someone isn’t using a real photograph, then they probably won’t have a full photo gallery of snaps taken in varying locations. And if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

The type of information you include on your profile will depend on what you expect to find in the online world. Are you looking for the man of your dreams, or simply for a man just for tonight? You’ll find that every type of guy is catered for, from the bears (larger hairy men) to twinks (younger looking boys above 18) with every fetish in between.

Most gay chat and dating sites will let you create a list of either friends or favorites. This will let you know when particular people are online. So you could find a profile of a man you want to talk to, but he isn’t online right now. So add him to your favorites list. Then, if he comes online when you’re there too, you’ll know instantly. Just because someone isn’t online, it doesn’t mean that you can’t send a message to them. They’ll either receive it the next time they log into the service or they’ll be sent an email letting them know that they have a message waiting for them.

Don’t get carried away in your virtual world though. If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. And never be duped into giving away personal information, such as your phone number or full address. If and when you do decide to meet someone who you’ve been chatting to on the internet, then do so in a public place, where they’ll be other people around. And always let a friend know where you are going and what time you expect to be back.

Use your common sense and don’t get carried away and you’ll soon be having fun in the online gay dating world!

There is a lot of benefits to online dating, in addition to the convenience of being able to look for men or women right from your home computer who are also looking for dates. A great many people have met their future spouses when dating on the net. It is an easy way to meet someone special or just to have fun dating.

It can be awkward when you are trying to meet someone, especially if you are lonely and want to find someone special to share time with. This can come across as desperation when you are trying to meet people offline. You are not desperate, you are just human like all of us. It is natural for singles to want to meet someone special, but trying to find a date offline can be difficult. Especially if you are not comfortable with rejection.

Yes, there is rejection when using online dating sites, but it does not have the sting of face-to-face rejection. If you approach someone in a bar or other public place, it can be difficult to approach them because you fear rejection. If you approach someone online and they do not respond, there can be a million reasons as to why they were not responsive. They may have met someone else. You do not have the fear of personal rejection when you are using a dating site that you may have when you are meeting someone in person.

Another benefit to dating sites is that most of them allow you to see a photo of the person who you want to date, as well as learn something about them in their profile. This is better than any blind date where you have no idea who you are meeting or what they look like. It can save a lot of wasted time. There are unwritten rules when it comes to online dating that is designed to protect the feelings of those who choose to use dating sites. People usually arrange a short meet in a public place the first time. This is designed to see if the two of you have a connection. Neither person is obligated to meet again, and no one is stuck with a date that lasts for a long time, and where they are not having a good time.

Finally, there is the money aspect. Singles who go out to clubs and bars to meet someone usually end up spending a lot of money for an evening out in an effort to meet someone. You can spend on a lost cause in one night what you spend in months when you join an online dating site. There are so many benefits to dating online for singles that it is no wonder that this method of dating is the preferred method of meeting people for many singles today.

I found my soul-mate through online dating. It was a close friend that had introduced me to online dating. I was quite successful, you know like any other woman in Canada in her early 30s. I had a successful career, a decent home filled with decent furnishing. But never had much luck with relationships. I’ve dated a few guys, but it just never works out. Friends often compare me to Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City, and the constant failure in relationships has made me pretty desperate. I was so sick of dates ending in failure.

I was on the verge of breakdown, when I bumped into a friend in a cocktail party. We were once very close during university as we shared the same dorm room. But afterwards we lost touch. It was great to see her after such a long time. But I must confess when she introduced me to her boyfriend, I was a bit jealous. He was quite a handsome man! Lucky girl, when I complemented her, she asked me about my date. I responded with “Well, I am single for a while,” but that’s all I could say. When she repeated the question, I smiled and tried to avoid the subject. She called me the very next day and asked me to meet for a cup of coffee. Even though I had second thoughts of about not going to meet my friend, I gave in for old time’s sake.

Any ideas what the first thing she asked me was? I wouldn’t have shared my problems with anyone else, but she was a good friend, and I trusted her, so I told her of my failure in relationships. She explained how she had been having the same trouble, but that she heard from a trustworthy friend about a reliable online dating site, so she gave it a shot, and that’s how she met her current boyfriend. I decided to try it out later on that night.

I created my profile in a couple of popular online dating sites. I met and dated quite a few interesting guys through these online dating sites before I met my husband Paul. We dated for about 6months and then got married last Christmas. Today I can’t ask anything more in life for I have found my best friend and soul-mate in Paul. Thank you online dating; you’ve brought sunshine into my life!